Wed 31st May – Brockwell Park

Beyoncé Experience

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Aaron Carty’s Beyoncé Experience first exploded onto the scene on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. Since then, Aaron has performed all over the world, including New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. A European tour and is well known for performing at Trafalgar Square at London Pride and UK Black Pride. Currently on a UK Brunch Tour and RnB Festival tour – Beyoncé Experience is leaving audiences Crazy In Love in the wake of their fierce performance.
Beyoncé Experience will be performing at Brockwell Bounce Lates with her incredible dancers, giving you a slice of Beyoncé with a 40-minute medley. Everything from Destiny’s Child, Lemonade, B-Day and unleashing the inner Sasha Fierce. If you’re not on your feet to start with, you absolutely will be by the end.