Wed 31st May – Brockwell Park

Brixton Creates Market with Create Foundation and Brixton BID

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The Brixton Project brings to you-

Create Foundation and Brixton BID presented by Make it in Brixton

Brixton Create’s Market will be a Lambeth locals market showcase. 20 local vendors from the borough of Lambeth will be sharing and selling their unique creations ran by the Create Foundation supported by The Brixton BID and Make it in Brixton.

The Create Foundation exists to open up opportunities for enterprising 16-25 year olds. They believe young people have the ideas and ambition to change the world.

They are inspired by what young people achieve everyday and continue to see new platforms, businesses and products emerging that challenge conventional thinking. They celebrate youth culture and the individual and collective possibilities it creates and believe that young people are an untapped resource and our best hope of a better future. They believe that every good idea deserves an opportunity and that no one should be limited in their opportunities because of factors beyond their control.