Wed 31st May – Brockwell Park


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OKIDO is a creative studio communicating to young children and their families through science and art. 

Everything that they create involves informal learning strategies with learning-through-play techniques that focus on communicating a positive attitude toward science, art, health, relationships and the world around us. OKIDO Studio is responsible for may exciting children’s products that you may be aware of including:

OKIDO Magazine – The monthly illustrated art and science magazine for young children 

Messy goes to OKIDO – A BBC science-comedy animation for preschool children for CBeebies


OKIDO at Brockwell Bounce

OKIDO Studio will be coming to Brockwell Bounce with a fun, kinesthetic building activity for young children. Inside the OKIDO space you will find 200 building boxes painted by the OKIDO Artists and Messy Monster creator – Rachel Ortas. These boxes have been repurposed from our most recent delivery of OKIDO magazine and will be fully recycled after the event. Come along for some wholesome, recycled fun…imagine, build, create, destroy and rebuild again. This is unlimited fun with a humble (albeit beautiful) cardboard box…what will you build? A house, castle, tree or mountain?  OKIDO will also be giving away a free OKIDO magazine to each family visiting so you can take some of the OKIDO magic home with you.