30th May – 1st June
We are proud to be working with five amazing community groups based in Lambeth to ensure the festival offers the very best in local creativity and culture!

Brixton House

Brixton House is a new venue which opened in February 2022, in the heart of Brixton on Coldharbour lane as part of the Somerleyton Road development.

Continuing our long legacy of ground-breaking theatre and being a home for artists, Brixton House will be a place for people to come together, to create and enjoy performances. We will house two studio theatres, performance spaces, several rehearsal rooms and multi-use meeting rooms, as well as public spaces, a café and bar.

Brixton House will define theatre-making for a new generation of makers, artists, writers, producers, technicians and audiences, inspiring new experiences that develop community solidarity and passion for social change.

Bureau of Silly Ideas

Bureau of Silly Ideas are creators of inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public realm. We believe that by engaging people in a conversation that extends beyond the absurd, we can impact genuine social change.

BOSI injects art, entertainment, humour and surprise in everyday places – creating engaging installations, devised theatre shows and surprising interventions that bring magic and silliness to the mundane.

We work with a range of partners stretching across heritage, the arts, public realm and community organisations. As recognised pioneers within the field of the UK Outdoor Arts sector, we continue to transform public spaces, creating new pathways / platforms for engagement and challenging what ‘art’ is through silliness and interrogation for over 15 years.

The majority of our work is delivered to audiences across the UK (and internationally) for free in spaces where people happen to be. Since our founding, we have presented our unique work at over 300 locations across the UK, Europe and Australia to an estimated 999,999 smiling people.

The Brixton Project

The Brixton Project commissions and delivers creative and cultural programming within Brixton, engaging across the community, key stakeholders and those excluded from the arts and culture to champion our diverse history, platform current issues and imagine a collective future.

As part of The Brockwell Bounce Community Festival, The Brixton Project will be delivering The Culture Shift Tent in collaboration with the Lambeth Council Educational Partnership. ‘Culture Shift’ supports innovative and inclusive creative and cultural practice across Lambeth schools, enriching the classroom experience for teachers and students in ways that build belonging and resilience both in individuals and as a community. The Culture Shift Tent will host a number of local community organisations, offering creative and culturally engaging activities from music and spoken word to art and food for children and young people this half-term in Brockwell Park.

Make It In Brixton will present the ‘Sweatshop’ and ‘Brixton Creates Market’. Launched in 2020, Make It in Brixton is the manifestation of Lambeth’s Creative Enterprise Zone, supporting our local creative community by curating spaces to meet, network, exhibit and collaborate. The Make It quarterly online magazine and events programme explores pertinent themes through continuous conversations with artists, designers, makers, and thinkers.

BigKid Foundation

BIGKID Foundation is a multi-award-winning youth and community charity established in 2008; our mission is to end social exclusion and youth violence. We work with over 1,500 young people annually and are experts in youth engagement. We equip young people to take control of their lives, find, develop and act on their own potential. We do this through three core programmes: 

  • Community engagement – sports sessions including football, American flag football, tennis, boxing, basketball and tennis; youth club, music, visual arts and social action projects.  
  • Mentoring – both peer mentoring and with adult mentors. 
  • Breaking Barriers – our in-school leadership programme for young people at risk of exclusion, or otherwise vulnerable due to concerns around mental health or well-being.  

In late 2020, we took on the lease for Dexters Adventure Playground on Railton Road. We are working hard to establish ourselves, with our vision of Dexters being an open, inclusive hub for young people and the wider community. Activities include adventure play, gardening, sports (basketball, football, boxing, yoga, weights/fitness) and youth club (creative arts, music, workshops on relationships, employability, mental health, homework/study sessions, cookery, baking). We provide opportunities, to access counselling or mentoring, where needed, and to participate in creative, youth-led activities (e.g. podcasting, YouTubing, music, painting, anime etc) that give young people a voice within their community, alongside training and employment opportunities. All activities are free of charge. Come along and get involved!



ELEVATE is Lambeth’s mission to open up the creative and cultural sector to every young person in the borough.

We want every young person under the age of 30 to shape culture – music, fashion, theatre, art, design, digital and more. We want to unlock talent and potential, and give young people from all backgrounds the chance to build skills and access training and employment in the creative industries. And we want every contributor to these industries – from the national institutions on the South Bank to start-ups in Streatham – to understand and act on the part they can play in offering young people genuine opportunity to contribute to Lambeth’s creativity.



– Finding the switch for light-bulb moments-

UNBOSI is one of the lesser-known departments of the United Nations. Since 1950 we have been globally studying sites associated with human genius.


With the stride in technological advancement, and through a variety of top-secret experiments conducted across the globe, we have identified a new substance named MUSE – Micro-molecular Unseen Sensory Emanations – associated with inspiration and creative breakthroughs.


Marbles are a predominant focus here at the Board of Significant Inspiration due to their ability to store and distribute MUSE. We imbue marbles with as much MUSE as possible through the use of Marble Experience Exposure Machines (MEEMs). MEEM is the name for apparatus created with the purpose of increasing a marble’s inspirational capacity, and these often take the form of marble runs.