Wed 31st May – Brockwell Park

Your Floating Bed

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‘Your Floating Bed’ takes you on a journey through your imagination and along the way we explore mindful techniques through playful exercises and creative storytelling. Based on our popular podcast, all you have to do is simply choose your destination, and let’s float away…

‘Your Floating Bed’ is a podcast collection of sleep journeys to calm fizzy minds, promote positive well being, and help you float off into happy dreams. We began creating these sleep journeys during lockdown when my children were struggling to settle. And if I’m honest, so was I. So together, we created magical journeys where we imagined our bed floating away to a variety of destinations, and along the way we would explore mindfulness techniques to support our well being. When we heard how many young people were struggling during this unsettling time, we decided to invite them on our journeys. Now, thousands of families worldwide join us on our journeys every night. We are very proud ‘Your Floating Bed’ is used as a resource by many UK children’s charities and primary schools.